The money market account

Petersburg port Commerce and the merchants, appeared in 1754 The term "commercial Bank" arose in the early stages of development banking, when banks served mainly trading Liu (commerce), barter transactions and payments. • For the borrower: • the ability to accurately determine the amount of funds in jeopardy working people at the disposal of the borrower; • the ability to reduce costs of time and financial resources at the conclusion of credit agreements. The interest for the BAP dit is accrued from the date of actual use. Content functions of accumulation of temporarily free monetary money is the gradual accumulation of money within a certain period to invest their lump sum in certain activities the enterprise in the future. Here are some basic banking services.

7. 2. In the Law on the Austrian National Bank (1984) written- tanuma that the authorities can borrow from the Central Bank only under absolute assurance in gold and foreign currencies. Call credit (Engl. In the middle ages, banks began the practice- VAT safekeeping of gold, securities and other valuables of their clients in its own secure storage.

Any economy is based on objective economic laws nah, one of which is the law of monetary circulation. The term "Central Bank" was called the largest the Bank, which is located in the heart of the banking system. Second, banks are distinguished by a commitment of unconditional promises formed with a fixed amount of debt to legal and fizi- ical parties. Work within a really existing resources means that commercial cal Bank should provide not only a quantitative correlation between their resources, credit investments and other assets- mi, but also to achieve compliance with the nature of Bank assets specifi fick mobilized resources to them. While the current Russian legislation does not give direct determination of banking operations and transactions, although using this terminology. declaring on Oprah- certain securities are "price" and "price shopper" by which eye he undertakes to sell and buy. The essence of the loan is manifested in the accumulation of temporarily free funds of one person and transferring them for payment for temporary the use of another person. 6. Appointment as Governor of the Central Bank of the prod- made by the monarch, the President, the Parliament. Issuance of Bank guarantees.